Ice: Blizzard’s Skis, Chillbra's Chest, Cold's Torso, Stalker’s Freeze’s Feet, Frost’s Shoulders, Ice’s Hood

None: Oil’s Arm Cannon, Gemini’s Headpiece (looks like crap, sorry), Needle’s Head Needle, Snake’s Pac-Man Helmet (no really, looks like Pac-Man), Top’s Tutu Top, Dust’s Life Arm Cannon, Ring’s Forearms, Skull’s Ability to be the BEST Best Man Buster, Crystal’s Forearms, Star’s fabulous Legs, Knight’s Shield, Yamato’s Paldrons, Junk’s pet rat Claw, Shade’s Blaster, Spring’s Shoulders, Jewel’s also fabulous Legs, Strike’s Shoulders, Mercury’s pron stash Head Spikes, Saturn’s buttchin Ring, Magic’s Legslegslegs Bow-tie.

Special: Enker’s Spear, Docbot’s Screws, Quint’s Sakugarne HAHAHA could you imagine if I could make that! Arms, Punk’s Shoulders, Dark’s Head, Ballade’s Feet, Terra’s Left Arm-guard, Sunstar’s Sunny Disposition Emblem and Belt, Ra Thor’s Shoulders (not the best, but not the worse), Copy’s Factually Original Scarf, King’s oversized Shield, Buster Rod’s brain Monkey King Rod, Mega Water’s Backpack, Hyper Storm’s Snout, Fake’s Gatling Revolver Buster, Bond’s (yes I said Bond) Arms.

DOS: Sonic’s Tuner, Dyna’s Blast Mask (based off the one Blade/Napalm/Honey drew), Volt’s collection of ripped nipples Electrodes, Bit’s Arms, Shark’s theme Fin, Wave’s Water Shooters, Oil’s Headpiece (or his gun literally would have just been a red one of the other’s), Blade’s Blade Cannon (based on a fan design), Torch’s Torch Arm.

Dimensions: Aircon’s Hand Fans, Konro’s Torso (no eyes), Dangan’s Legs, Clock’s Shoulders, Komuso’s Flute, Compass’ Helmet, and Rockman Shadow’s Laser Blade.

((Also forgot to list Table Flipper’s Time’s Bells in the other, that has been added))